Enfant terrible” by vocation, fan of Jimmy Dean and Marlon Brando, Tony spends his carefree adolescent years as a true “Rebel without a Cause”, managing to get through high school, sporting denim dungarees, racing on his Harley Davidson and celebrating life at parties on the Venice Grand Canal. This youthful energy fuels his creativity and inspiration. His exuberance remains visible in the line work, the colors and often the subject matter throughout his collection of paintings.

Tony Zanardi was born in Padua, Italy, to a family of Venetian origin. As an adolescent, the your artist discovers his passion for the arts and devotes himself to the media of drawing and painting, the vehicles of artistic expression that most suit his great desire to explore and communicate to the world its most intimate feelings.

Naturally inclined for entrepreneurship, together with his father Luigi and brothers Giorgio and Rodolfo, Tony starts his own business in his early twenties: the “Zanardi Bookbinders” was born which will later become “Zanardi Publishing” a group of several leading companies in the fields of top quality book publishing and graphics in the printing sector of Europe and the rest of the world.

In 1997, he decides to take a drastic turn for the better to fulfill his life’s dreams and to devote himself entirely to his great passion and first true love, painting. Tony travels the world in search of inspiration and ideas, but it is thanks to the colors and blinding light of the Samana Peninsula (Dominican Republic) and the tranquility of the Tverskaia Oblast (Russia) woods, that Tony starts painting again; he paints frantically, with a fervent hand, translating emotions into images to share with the world. More than just painting, in recent years, he has successfully worked in the fields of interior design, furniture and fabric design. He recently outlined a very ambitious landscaping project: the design and layout of one of the largest rose gardens in Russia. The garden, measuring almost an acre and featuring more than a thousand rose varieties, is located in the park of the monumental complex of Rayok, Russia, of which Antonio is Art Director and has one of his studios, the other ones are in Padua, Italy and Hudson, NY.